Our Mission

Our mission is to create projects teaching unique and specialized sport and active play programs to children in need. Through education and mentorship, our goal is for each project to leave a positive and sustainable impact on the children and their community.

We aim to help children and youth who participate in our projects reach their fullest potential, while building self esteem, self confidence and acceptance of others.

There is a purpose to our play! Our programs are designed to help disadvantaged youth develop and grow in all areas; physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. The projects revolve around teaching athletics, fitness, health and wellness education, dance, gymnastics, sport basics, ball handling skills and teaching life skills through games and cooperative play activities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reach and teach children in need wherever they may be. Whether in Canada or beyond to the developing countries, we hope to change the lives of children in our projects while encouraging the sustainability of the program teaching those involved to keep playing forward. Each project will be specially designed for the community and children that participate.

We value our youth leaders, volunteers, teachers, parents and community members involved in our projects. We provide opportunities for education, leadership training, mentorship and program information.

We are proud of our Charitable Organization.
We know we can make a difference in the life of a child and their community but need help and support!

Charitable organization

Gymtastics Play-It-Forward is a Charitable organization under number 81955 0245 RR001
Upon supporting us you will receive a Canadian tax-deductable receipt.

Supporting our cause

There are many ways to support us, be it by voluntering at our events, supplying materials or services or by funding our organization.

More info on our Support Us page

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